Big Boxing Match Could Be a Knockout

October 30th, 2019 Boxing

The good news for fans of boxing betting is that the fight that they really want to see actually can happen without having to wait until they grow too old to enjoy it. The date would be September 17 but do not make ticket-buying plans yet. This is boxing and there have been a lot of good fights that should have but never happened. Even so, Canelo Alvarez says he wants it. Gennady Golovkin also says he wants it. Two big hitters with a loss between the two for all the middleweight titles that they can bring to the ring.

Last Saturday night after Alvarez laid out Amir Khan with a vicious right hand, he used the same hand to invite Golovkin, who was watching at ringside, to get in the ring. Pretty sure that’s not how boxing works. Another interested front-row observer was the owner of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones, who’d like nothing more than to steal a big fight from Las Vegas and fill their Stadium for the biggest fight since Mayweather and Pacquiao put into a snoozefest last May – closer to a pillow fight than a match people who bet on boxing could related to.

Until Alvarez landed the right hand that flattened Khan and then called GGG, it appeared the fight wasn’t going to happen, at least not in the short term. Alvarez is the Golden Boy’s golden boy, and the word among boxing betting experts was that De La Hoya didn’t want to risk it in a fight against Golovkin, who has walked through everybody who got in the ring with him like so many ghosts. There was also a problem with the weight. Alvarez holds a middleweight championship, but fought at a catch weight of 155 pounds against Khan. Golovkin said any fight for the title has to be at 160 lbs. But Alvarez and De La Hoya now say that weight is not a problem. And the invitation by Alvarez to Golovkin to join him in the ring after the fight with Khan dispels any notion that either wasn’t willing to fight.

De La Hoya contacted GGG’s manager Tom Loeffler, and the two planned to start negotiations. Loeffler said that he and De La Hoya were together for Golovkin’s fight with David Lemieux last October and have no problems working together for a fight on September 17. Adding to the pressure to make the fight is the WBC decree for Alvarez to reach an agreement to combat Golovkin within 15 days of the Khan fight lest he be stripped of the title. The fight is attractive to boxing betting fans and fans who don’t bet on boxing alike.

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