Boxing Betting on Hard Times

November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing betting has fallen on hard times of late. There are not all that many new young fighters and demand for boxing betting odds has dropped precipitously.

But that hardly means that the end of boxing betting is at hand of that boxing betting is on its way out the door. Boxing betting has certainly seen better days but there is plenty left in the tank and with the development of a few good fighters boxing betting will be back on top in no time.

The biggest problem with boxing betting these days seems to be a general malaise in the public towards boxing betting odds. With so much variety on the market these days it’s all but impossible to dominate the market the way the boxing betting once did. In fact it’s safe to say that boxing betting will never enjoy the kind of dominance that it once had. There simply is too much competition in the betting market these days for boxing betting odds to climb back to those heights of popularity.

But boxing betting has plenty of room to grow as it can hardly fall any lower relative to other sports. The rise of rival fighting sports like UFC fighting and sports of that nature have burst onto the scene and stolen market share traditionally cornered by boxing betting odds. The freshness and novelty of these sports has given them an edge in the battle against boxing odds but more than that these sports have done a fantastic job capturing the imagination of young sports fans.

Boxing betting has not done this. As a result the majority of boxing betting fans are now much older than they used to be. This has been detrimental to the boxing betting industry as it spells doom ahead when the older boxing betting fans eventually get too old to bet anymore. There will be no new boxing fans to take their place and the demand for boxing betting odds will plummet even lower than at present.

The key for the boxing betting industry is to try and attract the new generation sports wagering fans. Perhaps that means adopting some of the same successful marketing tactics that other sports have. Perhaps it means promoting the sport itself within the athletic community. Whatever the case, boxing betting is in dire need of shot in the arm and must develop new markets.

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