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November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

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Boxing is a sport that is pretty simple to understand, but there are some basic rules for betting. A bet placed on a boxing round is considered a full round only when the bell sounds at the conclusion of the round. If the fight is stopped during the middle of a round, the exact time of that round will be used for the round proposition bets that you often see. A typical boxing line will be similar to what you see on a golf or NASCAR matchup. It is a straight money line wager and looks like this.

Oscar De La Hoya
Julio Chavez
Over 11.5 Rounds
Under 11.5 Rounds

Will the fight end in a draw?


This is what a typical boxing line would look like. If the fight ends in a draw in this case both side bets would be losers and the draw bet would be a winner. Many times you won’t see a draw offered, and in those cases if the fight is a draw, which is rare, both bets will be refunded.

There are two main areas to focus on when looking to bet boxing. You want to look at past performances and style. The record of each fighter is pretty self evident, but you will need to dig deeper to see if any of his opponents were any good. In addition to looking at the past fights, we also want to look at style. Each fighter has an individual style and some matchups are better than others. Which styles match up against each other is a question you want to ask when you look to bet a fight.

If you get the chance, try and look for some opportunities to bet boxing and try to find some matchups where you can make some money.

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