Betting Boxing

Boxing betting involves two basic options in addition to proposition choices. The first basic boxing betting option is to wager on one fighter against another.

The other main boxing betting option is to wager on whether or not the fight will go over or under the set number of rounds.

Boxing bettingcan be exciting, especially on the marquee fights that are televised. As you bet on boxing you will want to look at both of the main boxing betting options and you want to consider the proposition options.

Those props usually will involve a fighter winning by knockout or by decision. You may also get boxing betting odds on exactly what round the fight will be decided in.

Boxing betting options are very easy to understand. The money line is used in boxing betting odds. It is similar to what you will see on a football money line or the money lines you see in hockey and baseball. Here is what a boxing money line might look like:

Mayweather -200
Hatton +160

In this boxing betting example you risk $200 to win $100 on Mayweather or you risk $100 and win $160 if Hatton is victorious. You can also wager at higher or lower amounts than those listed. As you look to bet on boxing you may also want to bet on the rounds. This is another money line boxing betting option that may have the rounds at 10.5 with a money line attached. It might be -140 on the over and +120 on the under as you look to bet on boxing round options. You also have the choice with some marquee fights to bet on how the fight will end. This is usually a knockout or a decision but sometimes you will also see the draw option. These odds are usually listed at 2-1 all the way up to 20-1 or more depending upon how likely it is a fighter will win a certain way.

Boxing betting is an interesting way to make money at sports gambling. There are fights listed at some sportsbooks every single month. These options give gamblers that want to bet on boxing some excellent chances to make money.