Examine Style as you Bet Boxing Gambling Odds

November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing gambling odds are not going to tell you the styles of the two boxers involved.Boxing gambling odds just show you the favorite and the underdog. If you want to know the styles of the two boxers you must do the handicapping.

Boxing gambling odds will oftentimes have one boxer a heavy favorite over another.  That does not mean that boxer will always win though.  Most of the time in boxing gambling if you can find a style that works against another style you can find some upsets. 

Usually a close in-fighter has an advantage over a boxer, a puncher has an advantage over a close in-fighter, and a boxer has an advantage over a puncher.  These styles will sometimes match up against each other and provide you will some interesting chances to make money in boxing gambling.  Many boxing gambling experts believe that styles win fights.  It has been said many times that punchers will overcome the close in fighters because the close in fighter will walk right into the punches.  Conversely, fighters that prefer the outside like a slow fight and they want to run around.  The close in fighter likes a brawl while the outside fighter wants to dance.  Joe Louis once admitted that he hated being crowded.  The boxer is more successful against the brawler and that is important to consider as you look at boxing gambling odds.  If the outside boxer can avoid the haymakers he can win.  Many of the best boxers in the world like Muhammad Ali did very well against the brawlers.

As you look at boxing gambling odds you need to remember that styles win.  Most people forget styles when thinking about boxing gambling.  They just look at the marquee names and the boxing gambling odds and bet.  They don’t do any handicapping at all.  You can do more than the average person that looks at boxing gambling odds.  You can look for more than just the obvious as you consider boxing gambling odds.

Boxing gambling odds will be available on a monthly basis at some sportsbooks while others will only post boxing gambling odds on the marquee fights.  Take a look at the fights that are off the radar a bit and you may find more value as you look at boxing gambling odds.

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