Stamina Matters in 2009 Belmont Stakes Odds at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Belmont Stakes Betting

2009 Belmont Stakes odds are likely to be all about stamina.

If a horse can’t make a mile and a half distance then you really don’t want to be wagering on him in Belmont odds at the online sportsbook. Let’s look at stamina in 2009 Belmont Stakes odds.

2009 Belmont Stakes odds tell us that the mile and a half distance that the horses run in the third race of the Triple Crown series is the farthest that these horses have ever run. That could be why no horse has won the Triple Crown since Affirmed in 1978. What has made it more difficult in recent years for horses in Belmont odds is that they just don’t race as much. In 1960, horses made about 11 starts each year. That number is down to about 6 starts per year now. Horses are simply not in shape enough to run a mile and a half and they are also not bred to run that far either which is what makes handicapping Belmont odds interesting.

When you look at 2009 Belmont Stakes odds at the sports book you really have to look at stamina first. The best way to handicap stamina in Belmont odds is by looking at pedigree, the dosage index and past races. It used to be that the dosage index was critical to handicapping Triple Crown races. It has had less importance in recent years though but it still can keep you away from certain horses in 2009 Belmont Stakes odds. If a horse has a high dosage number then you probably want to leave him out of your 2009 Belmont Stakes odds picks at the sports book. Looking at the dosage number should point you against Mine That Bird in 2009 Belmont Stakes odds since his number is 5.40 but he has Birdstone as his sire and that horse won the Belmont. Mine That Bird also seems to want to go farther so this may be an instance where the dosage is meaningless. 2009 Belmont Stakes odds at the online sportsbook will be in double-digits on Chocolate Candy but his dosage number is 2.00 so that means he should handle the distance fine. Mr. Hot Stuff is right there as well with a 2.11 in Dosage so he could be interesting in 2009 Belmont Stakes odds. Flying Private is above 3 in dosage while Dunkirk is right at 3. Both of those numbers could be cause for concern in 2009 Belmont Stakes odds.

As you consider 2009 Belmont Stakes odds don’t forget about stamina as you handicap this year’s race. Open an Account and start betting on the Belmont Stakes at SBG Global!

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