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November 30th, 2010 Belmont Stakes Betting

Belmont Stakes odds and post positions are interesting to consider in the third race of the Triple Crown.

You would think that when a race was a mile and a half that post position wouldn’t really matter but that has not been the case in Belmont odds history.

Belmont Stakes odds used to show that the rail was the place to be for winning the race but that was early in history. The fields were small and the rail was an okay spot. 23 times the horse from the rail won in Belmont Stakes odds. But that was then and this is now as they say. Just last year the rail was a problem as Big Brown started from the inside and failed in Belmont odds. The two best posts after the rail have been #3 and #5 in Belmont odds. But keep in mind that recent online sports betting history has shown the outside posts to be better. Da’ Tara won in Belmont Stakes odds from the #6 post last year while Rags to Riches won from post #7 two years ago. Jazil won in 2006 from post #8 while Afleet Alex won from post #9 in 2005. That means in the last four years that the outside posts have had far more success in the Belmont Stakes.

With small fields of horses, as was the case many years ago in Belmont Stakes odds, the rail was the place to be. You saved ground and traffic was no problem. With bigger fields the rail has been a problem and the outside has been the better posts in Belmont odds. Anything from #3 on out has been successful in the Belmont recently as online sports betting history shows. The #3 and #5 posts have 13 wins each while the #7 post has 12 wins as online betting stats show. The #2 post has 11 wins while the #4 has nine wins and the #6 post has eight wins in Belmont odds. The #8 post has six wins while the #9 post has four, the #10 and #11 posts two wins each as online betting statistics indicate.

Post positions can be important as you handicap Belmont Stakes odds but they are definitely not the most important handicapping factor. Take a look at the post positions but definitely look at other factors as you bet this year’s Belmont Stakes.

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