Belmont Stakes Odds Trainer Factor at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Belmont Stakes Betting

Belmont Stakes odds can be affected by a variety of factors including the trainer of each horse.

Who are the most successful trainers in Belmont betting? Is having a successful trainer important when you are looking at Belmont Stakes odds?

Belmont Stakes odds history shows that the trainer with the most wins is James Rowe with 8. He is followed by Sam Hildreth win 7, James Fitzsimmons with 6, Woody Stephens with 5, Max Hirsch with 4, D. Wayne Lukas with 4 and R.W. Walden with 4 wins in Belmont Stakes odds. Of those trainers, only Lukas is active in Belmont Stakes odds today.

What about current trainers in Belmont Stakes odds? Which ones have had the most success other than Lukas? Well, no other active trainer has more than one win in Belmont betting. That tells you that the trainer factor is overrated when looking at Belmont Stakes odds. Current trainers that have one Belmont betting win are Bob Baffert, Frank Brothers, Neil Drysdale, Bobby Frankel, David Hofmans, Shug McGaughey, Kiaran McLaughlin, Todd Pletcher, Tim Ritchey, Louie Roussel, Dermot Weld and Nick Zito. Looking at these trainers you might think that having a win in the Belmont would be important but do you really want to wager on Nick Zito in Belmont Stakes odds when he is 1 for 18? Todd Pletcher has historically been a bust in Triple Crown races but he finally broke through with the filly Rags to Riches in 2007 Belmont betting. Even Lukas has limited success in the Belmont. He has four wins in 17 starts which is only a winning percentage of 23.5 percent. Baffert has one win but he also has seven starts so his winning percentage is also poor.

The trainer factor is interesting to look at but it really means very little when you are wagering versus Belmont Stakes odds. If a horse can’t run a mile and a half it doesn’t matter who the trainer is. The trainer factor is a lot like the post position in Belmont Stakes odds betting. It is interesting to look at but it should have little impact in your Belmont Stakes odds betting choices.