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November 30th, 2010 Belmont Stakes Betting

The race is held three weeks after the Preakness Stakes. Belmont betting sees horses go a mile and a half at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York.

Belmont Stakes odds have a long history that includes horses trying to win the Triple Crown.

Belmont Stakes odds are exciting to wager on, especially if a horse is running for the Triple Crown. Belmont Stakes odds history shows that the race is sometimes called the "Run for the Carnations" because the winning horse gets a blanket of white carnations. Belmont Stakes odds began in 1867 when a filly by the name of Ruthless won the race. Belmont Stakes odds history shows that the first post parade in the United States was held at the 14th running of the Belmont. Another name for Belmont betting that has stuck through the years is the "Test of the Champion". Horses are not bred to run a mile and a half and stamina is a must if a horse is to win in Belmont betting. Belmont Stakes odds have been run at various distances in history. The race actually began at a longer distance in 1867 and was reduced to a mile and a half in 1874. It was also run at other distances but settled on the mile and a half in 1926. It is the longest of the three Triple Crown races.

Belmont Stakes odds oftentimes have a horse heavily favored. If a Triple Crown is at stake there is no doubt that horse will be a huge favorite in Belmont betting. Sometimes Belmont Stakes odds will still have a big favorite even if no Triple Crown is at stake. There will be instances where a horse is trying to win two of the three Triple Crown races and usually that horse is a solid favorite in Belmont Stakes odds. Favorites have traditionally done pretty well in Belmont Stakes odds although in the past decade the underdogs have battled back with some nice wins.

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