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November 30th, 2010 Belmont Stakes Betting

Belmont Stakes odds on the race called the “Test of the Champion” are very popular when a Triple Crown is possible.

There are a few factors to consider in Belmont Stakes betting if you want to be successful. Let’s look at a few that apply specifically to Belmont Stakes odds.

Belmont Stakes odds handicapping should begin by looking at the stamina of each horse in the field. If a horse can’t run a mile and a half then all of the other factors are meaningless. The problem with this factor in Belmont Stakes odds is that no horse has ever run a mile and half or ever will again. So you must look at things like pedigree and dosage index to determine whether or not the horse can make the Belmont Stakes betting distance. This factor is specific to Belmont Stakes odds and the most important one you will consider.

Belmont Stakes odds are somewhat different than the Kentucky Derby or Preakness odds because of the distance and because the race might be for the Triple Crown. When that is the case the Belmont Stakes odds on the Derby and Preakness winner will be very low. This makes the race somewhat unique to handicap because one horse will be heavily favored and the rest of the field will be longshots. History has shown though that the Triple Crown hopeful loses most of the time, especially in recent years. Belmont Stakes betting usually has seen the favored horse to quite well but in the last couple of decades horses that were trying for the Triple Crown have failed in Belmont Stakes odds.

The other horse racing factors that can still be looked at in Belmont Stakes odds, as they are in other races, are class, pace, jockey, trainer, speed and track conditions. These are all factors to look at in Belmont Stakes odds but the main one as we said earlier to focus on is distance.

When you look at Belmont Stakes odds you will probably want to do more than just bet win, place and show. You want to take some chances with exactas, trifectas and maybe even a superfecta in Belmont Stakes betting.

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