Belmont Stakes Gambling Choices at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Belmont Stakes Betting

Belmont Stakes gambling can be an exciting time for many horse bettors around the world.

That excitement goes up a great deal if a horse is trying for the Triple Crown. What options do you have in Belmont betting? Are Belmont Stakes gambling choices the same as in other horse races?

Belmont Stakes gambling includes the normal win, place and show options. Belmont betting also includes exacta, quinella, trifecta and superfecta wagering choices. You will also be able to put the Belmont into pick three, pick four and pick six tickets since the Belmont is the feature race at Belmont Park on that day. Many horse bettors like to play the exotics in Belmont Stakes gambling, especially if a horse is a heavy favorite in Belmont betting odds. The way you may want to consider Belmont Stakes gambling with exotics is to box horses. This means that you put a few horses together on your Belmont Stakes gambling ticket. That way any of the horses can come in and you can win your Belmont betting wager.

If you are looking at pick three, pick four or pick six options you will want to choose a few horses here and there because it is very difficult to use only one horse and pick three straight, four straight or six straight winners in Belmont Stakes gambling. If you select two or three horses in a race or two it makes it likelier that you will win one of the exotic tickets. This applies to exacta, trifecta, superfecta, pick three, pick four and pick six tickets.

In addition to all of the Belmont Stakes gambling options we listed there is one more that you will find on special races like the Belmont. It is called a matchup and you will see it at sportsbooks and racebooks in Belmont Stakes gambling. This is where one horse is matched up against another and to win the Belmont Stakes gambling matchup you just need the horse you choose to beat the other horse, not the entire field. These matchups are an interesting option to consider and enhance the excitement of Belmont Stakes gambling.

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