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November 30th, 2010 Belmont Stakes Betting

Belmont Stakes betting odds are available to horse bettors each June as the final race in the Triple Crown is run.

As you look at Belmont Stakes odds what factors are important to consider. What tips can help you pick winners versus Belmont Stakes betting odds?

Belmont Stakes betting odds will be available the week before the race once post positions are announced. You will be able to study the past performances of the horses in Belmont Stakes odds in the days before the race. We can examine whether or not we want to bet a horse to win, place or show or whether an exacta, trifecta or superfecta is a good option against Belmont Stakes betting odds.

The first tip to remember when looking at Belmont Stakes betting odds is that the public is oftentimes wrong. The favorite used to do quite well in Belmont Stakes odds but recently the favorites have been a bust, especially when a horse has been trying to win the Triple Crown. Six horses have failed in their Triple Crown attempts in the last decade versus Belmont Stakes betting odds. You really want to look at possible upsets when you are wagering versus Belmont Stakes betting odds.

Another problem with favorites in Belmont Stakes betting odds is that they are almost always overpriced. If a Triple Crown is at stake the public is going to bet the favored horse to the extreme. That means the horse will be totally overvalued in Belmont Stakes betting odds. If you want value in Belmont Stakes betting odds you will have to avoid betting on the favorite. If you don’t see any other good option in Belmont Stakes odds other than the favorite then you might want to wheel the horse in exacta or trifecta boxes so that you can get a reasonable return.

Handicapping the Belmont is all about pedigree since a horse must be able to run the distance of a mile and a half for you to win. That is really the main factor to look at when you are wagering versus Belmont Stakes betting odds.

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