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November 30th, 2010 Belmont Stakes Betting

Belmont Stakes betting handicapping is usually easier than handicapping the Kentucky Derby or the Preakness because the field is usually small.

Belmont betting is all about finding horses that can make the distance of a mile and a half. What other factors are important to consider in Belmont Stakes betting?

Belmont Stakes betting favorites have done well overall in history but recently they have struggled with the last two losing as Curlin failed in 2007 and Blue Grass Cat in 2006. Afleet Alex came through in 2005 as the Belmont Stakes betting favorite. Belmont betting fields usually are between six and ten horses, which tell us that post positions are not that important. At a mile and a half horses have plenty of time to get away from any potential traffic problems. The Belmont track is also wide with big turns so rarely is traffic ever a problem in Belmont Stakes betting. With a race like the Kentucky Derby the field is so large that traffic can be a major problem. That is not the case in the Belmont with the smaller field and the bigger race track.

Surprisingly, closers don’t always win in Belmont Stakes betting. It is important for a horse to have stalking speed but with enough stamina to make the distance. The Dosage Index is a factor to consider in Belmont betting just as it was in Kentucky Derby betting. Rarely does a horse with a Dosage Index rating of over 4.00 ever win in Belmont betting. The last time it happened was in 2002 with Sarava who went off at huge Belmont Stakes betting odds. Strangely enough it also happened in 2000 as Commendable won in Belmont Stakes betting. Only five times in history has a horse with a Dosage of over 4.00 won in Belmont Stakes betting. Remember to examine the Dosage numbers as you bet the Belmont.

Since stamina is so important in Belmont Stakes betting it makes other handicapping factors like the jockey, the trainer, and post position of less importance. Keep that in mind as you examine Belmont Stakes betting odds this year.

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