Belmont Stakes Betting Features More Dynamics Than Ever

Belmont Stakes Betting Features More Dynamics Than Ever

March 12th, 2019 Belmont Stakes, Horseracing

A clear difference in handicapping factors can be seen today when it comes to Belmont Stakes betting.   Indeed, the handicapping dynamics for the Belmont Stakes share no comparison with what was the case a generation ago.  Back in the day the Belmont Stakes was simply the third of three Triple Crown horse races in the United States.  The end result was that most horses would compete in all three Triple Crown races.  But those days are over with new and more complicated dynamics.

Tradition and Belmont Stakes

On the whole the Belmont Stakes is a tradition laden race that is one of the biggest draws into the sport.  Tradition is a big part of this event known as “The Third Jewel of the Triple Crown.”  Also known as “The Test of Champions” the Belmont Stakes is as well known for Triple Crown heartbreak as for horses attaining immortality.  In like manner the Belmont draws considerable attention because of Triple Crown season itself.  The Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes garner plenty of media.  As a result, those events only serve as building blocks for the Belmont.

Triple Crown Competitors

Correspondingly the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes have a major impact on Belmont Stakes Betting factors.  Perhaps the biggest factor that has never been more impactful that now are fresh horses that ambush Triple Crown competitors. The Belmont Stakes will often have horses that skipped the Derby and or Preakness.  This gives these horses a tremendous advantage due to their fresher legs.  Further, many horses that ran in the Derby or Preakness may forgo the Belmont.  This opens the window for the handicapping element of the unknown.

Combination of the Best

Most important of all the Belmont Stakes offers a sportsbook challenge unlike any other.  Starting with the combination of horses that have run in one or two of the Triple Crown races.  Combining that with fresh horses that did not previously run gives handicappers one of the biggest challenges of the year.  Additionally, the race is the longest of the Triple Crown schedule at a mile and a half.

Do or Die

The 2019 Belmont Stakes will take place on Saturday, June 8, 2019.  The third jewel of United States horse racing’s Triple Crown could once again be the venue for a do or die Triple Crown run.  Last year Justify became the second horse in four years to win the Triple Crown.  Only 13 horses in history and just two since 1978 have pulled off the feat.  Regardless Belmont Stakes Betting will be at a fever pitch as the popularity of this race has never been higher.

Belmont Park

Since 1867 the Belmont Stakes has been a crown jewel not just in American horse racing but in all of sports.   Specifically, Belmont Park is one of the most iconic venues in all of horse racing.  Opened in 1905 it was renovated in 1968.  Hence some of the most iconic memories in horse racing history have occurred at Belmont Park.  Moreover, attendance at the Belmont Stakes is well over 100,000 each year.  The return of actual Triple Crown champion horses in recent years has been an added attraction.


Encompassing that was Secretariat’s 1973 win in the Belmont Stakes to clinch the Triple Crown.  Not only did Secretariat win the race by an astonishing 31 lengths but set a world record of two minutes and 24 seconds.  The record stands to this very day.

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