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November 30th, 2010 Belmont Stakes Betting

Belmont betting is oftentimes all about finding the horse with the most stamina.

If a horse can’t make the distance of a mile and a half then it is unlikely you want to bet taking him in Belmont Stakes odds. Let’s consider the stamina factor in Belmont betting.

Belmont betting will sometimes not only be a battle to win the race but a battle to win the Triple Crown. If a Derby and Preakness winner is trying for the Triple Crown then it makes Belmont betting more exciting. Most horses have never run a mile and a half and never will again. Stamina is a huge factor to consider in Belmont betting. That stamina was a factor in 2007 as the filly Rags to Riches was able to go the mile and a half. It wasn’t by luck either as she is half sister to Jazil, who won the 2006 Belmont. The 2005 winner in Belmont betting was Afleet Alex and he was also a horse that could make the distance. The 2004 winner versus Belmont Stakes odds was a horse named Birdstone. If you remember he upset Smarty Jones to ruin a Triple Crown bid in Belmont betting.

One indicator of stamina that you can look at in Belmont betting is the Dosage Index. This is a big factor in the Kentucky Derby but it can be even more useful when looking at Belmont Stakes odds. The Dosage Index rates horses based on breeding and pedigree factors that will estimate whether a horse can run at a distance. In the Kentucky Derby it is a minor factor but in Belmont betting it is a much bigger factor. In the Derby the conventional wisdom is that a horse can’t win that has a Dosage number higher than 4.00. The lower number means that a horse is bred for distance while the higher numbers mean a horse is bred to sprint. In Belmont betting you want low Dosage numbers.

Keep in mind that stamina is the major factor in Belmont betting. If a horse can’t make the distance you can throw him out as you look at Belmont Stakes odds.

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