Winning NASCAR Odds at SBG Global

NASCAR odds are available each season beginning with the Bud Shootout and the Daytona 500.

NASCAR odds have been available to gamblers for many years and continue to gain popularity due to increased television coverage around the world. Let’s look at some things to consider with NASCAR betting odds. NASCAR odds present good wagering opportunities for bettors to make money.  It used to be even easier to make money versus NASCAR odds but the NASCAR betting odds makers have gotten better over the years.

As you consider NASCAR odds you want to remember that you have the option to bet on a driver to win a race and you have the option to bet matchups.  As you begin to handicap the NASCAR odds the first thing you do is look at the practices and the qualifying for the upcoming race.  You then look at past results for the drivers at that race.  It is also important as you consider NASCAR odds to look at recent performance.  NASCAR can be like sports in that teams go up and down and recent performance is a good indicator.

You want to remember as you look at NASCAR odds that some drivers do very well at certain tracks.  For example, Jeff Gordon always has done well on road courses.  Jimmy Johnson has always raced well at the Lowe’s Motor Speedway.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. always does well at Daytona.  Some drivers like Jimmy Johnson or Jeff Gordon do well at most tracks while other drivers like Kyle Petty or Joe Nemechek struggle virtually everywhere.  There are certain drivers and teams that do well at certain tracks and you must take that into consideration when looking at NASCAR betting odds.

When looking at NASCAR odds it is important to not only look at qualifying but at the practices.  The final practice (happy hour) is the one that really can give you a good idea of which driver to take versus the NASCAR betting odds.  The drivers that have their cars ready usually do well in the final practice.  You can also look at drivers that are struggling in practice and qualifying and bet against them versus NASCAR odds.  Remember that practices and qualifying are the most important handicapping factors to consider when looking at NASCAR odds.

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