The prince of Auto Racing Betting at SBG Global

For a guy that was looking for a ride in the world of competitive NASCAR auto racing betting less than a year things have turned out pretty well for Kyle Busch.

Long known as little more than the little brother of NASCAR betting auto racing’s Kurt Busch and known to be a bad egg (stemming from some off track incidents that had nothing to do with auto racing betting activity on the track) Kyle entered the season as a relative afterthought for most betting auto racing fans.  But in the past five months he has become the main man in NASCAR auto racing betting and is putting together one of the finest betting auto racing seasons in memory.

The younger Busch, after being unceremoniously dismissed last season at Hendrick Motorsport in favor of the more proven and more marketable Dale Earnhardt Jr. has done alright for himself at his new team, Joe Gibbs racing.  Not only has he made Hendrick sorry for let him go to the auto racing betting competition, but barring any crazy and unexpected events he will hoist the NASCAR betting auto racing title at the season end in Homestead, FL.

Quite simply, there has been no one in NASCAR auto racing betting that has been close to matching the young man’s performance this season. He has opened up a huge 200+ point lead in the auto racing betting standings and he just keeps winning. Last week’s win over two-time auto racing betting champ Jimmie Johnson was a perfect metaphor for the driver’s season.

After a series of restarts towards the end of the race Busch made his best move of the auto racing betting season when he hung with Johnson after the restart and than made an impossible pass on the outside on the final lap of the auto racing betting event. It was beautiful, and it erased any doubt in the auto racing betting world that Busch is the man when it comes to NASCAR racing. Few drivers would have even attempted the pass and at the moment there is probably only one man in competitive NASCAR auto racing betting that could have done it -and he did it.

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