The 2015 NASCAR Championship Odds Are Changing

September 5, 2015 Auto Racing

NASCAR cars around race trackThe odds to win the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup championship have been changing throughout the season. Right now there are plenty of drivers that have a good shot to win but only a few are truly favored to go far and actually take home the title of being the best driver in all of NASCAR.

Kevin Harvick has the best odds at this point to win. He holds +400 betting odds to win as he has a lead of nearly fifty points over his nearest competitor. He has finished in the top ten in all but three races so far this year.

Jimmie Johnson may not be as prominent as he was a few years ago during his big winning streak in NASCAR but he continues to be a significant threat with a +750 line to win the 2015 title. He has won four races so far this year. He is a little more than a hundred points behind Harvick for the lead but his experience and skill on the track make him a good choice to check out.

Joey Logano is the closest to Harvick as he is 48 points behind Harvick in the overall standings. Still, he only has a +750 line with the NASCAR betting oddsmakers to win this year.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. can’t be counted out of the picture though. He has a +900 line to win this year and has become a popular name for his intense sense of competition in the NASCAR world. He should be a rather competitive figure in this year’s coming NASCAR scene.

Of course, there is still plenty of time for things to change in the Sprint Cup season. There are more than ten races left in the 2015 season so there’s still plenty of time for people to compete and try to possible get ahead. This could make for something rather interesting as the season goes along and the real competition starts to come about within the ongoing NASCAR season.

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