State of Auto Racing Betting at SBG Global

Bet auto racing experts have had plenty to keep them busy so far in the young NASCAR season.

There have been all kinds of intriguing developments so far in the NASCAR auto racing betting and plenty for the fans that bet auto racing to think about. Some of the developments in the 2008 NASCAR bet auto racing season have been expected and yet others have thrown the auto racing betting community for a loop.

Bet auto racing experts came into the season with baited breath waiting to see how Dale Earnhardt Jr. would perform with the entire legion of fans that bet auto racing focused on his every move with his new team. Most auto racing betting experts predicted it would be impossible for him to live up to the expectations that the bet auto racing fans had place on him. Many fans that bet auto racing didn’t think that he could step out of the shadow of his teammates Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. But Junior has proved all the haters wrong and has far surpassed his auto racing betting teammates and been one of the top drivers in bet auto racing events so far this year.

Another very interesting development in this year’s bet auto racing season has been the emergence of Kyle Busch. Cast off from his former team at the end of last year’s bet auto racing season, Busch have proven to owners, drivers, fans that bet auto racing, and just about anyone else affiliated with NASCAR that he is the real deal. Through five bet auto racing NASCAR events he has been the most dominant driver on the track and made the Hendrick team look foolish.

Fans that bet auto racing have also seen the emergence of Toyota this year in NASCAR auto racing betting. Many fans that bet auto racing are not pleased about this development as they would prefer American manufactures to remain on top but the impressive results for Toyota are good for NASCAR and create even more reason for fans to bet auto racing. Joe Gibbs Racing has been the only team to really benefit from Toyota but with all three of its drivers among the best in bet auto racing events, it’s been a tremendous boost for Toyota which was absolutely awful in 2007. With many more bet auto racing events left on the calendar there’s plenty more developments to play out in this season’s NASCAR auto racing betting season.

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