Smart Money in NASCAR Odds at SBG Global

NASCAR odds are available each week on the major Sprint and Nationwide races.

What exactly does that mean and does it exist in regards to NASCAR betting odds? NASCAR odds give gamblers two main options.  There is the choice to bet on a driver to win the race or to bet matchups.

It used to be that smart money in NASCAR odds came after practices and qualifying but with the Internet making everything readily available, there is not as much smart money anymore. There are actually very few betting syndicates anymore and the few that exist don’t hold nearly the power they once did. Smart money today is more taking advantage of the NASCAR odds because a group believes they have an advantage.

The next question to answer is whether or not smart money wins versus NASCAR odds? This is a hotly debated subject among many people. People have thought that syndicates had inside information or that they knew something that everyone else did not when looking at NASCAR betting odds.  Reality though is somewhat different. Nearly every year it has been shown that smart money is no smarter than the rest of the general public money in regards to NASCAR odds. Smart money moves versus NASCAR odds sounds as exciting as can be and some line services get all excited about their “smart money” moves. The reality is that these moves are not smart money versus NASCAR odds. They are just line moves, period. They are some syndicate or group of bettors that has moved the NASCAR betting odds. They don’t win any more than any other moves. The main reason they don’t is that you don’t know who is doing the betting and you don’t know always know the reasoning.

Some people think smart money is anytime the NASCAR odds move. That is simply not true. Smart money moves in NASCAR odds are very difficult to identify and the bottom line is that you can’t determine which moves are the smart money moves and which ones are not. And even if you could pick out which moves were the smart money ones and which ones were not, it would not guarantee you anything in terms of wins and losses versus NASCAR betting odds.

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