Odds of Winning the Formula One Canadian Grand Prix

The auto racing betting odds of winning the Formula One Canadian Grand Prix on June, Sunday 12th favor strongly favor British driver Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes Benz, as well as his teammate, German Nico Rosberg.

Canadian Grand Prix online betting odds:

Daniel Ricciardo +600

Kimi Raikkonen +2500

Lewis Hamilton +120

Max Verstappen +1000

Nico Rosberg +200

Sebastien Vettel +900

FIELD (Any Other) +3000

However, Ferrari will keep the pressure on Mercedes heading into the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal. Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen will both receive a power unit upgrade for the Grand Prix du Canada. Surely, auto racing betting fans will remember that Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo was previously the recipient of a Renault upgraded engine which he put to good use – though not to best use – in Monaco Formula One.

As it turns out, Ferrari hopes to follow in the footsteps of the Toro Rosso. Unfortunately for them, they’re all following the footsteps of Hamilton, who expects to follow through on his success at the principality and win his second race of the season, as well as his fifth victory in Canada – he is the current Canadian Grand Prix champion.

In addition to that, the Brit has the most laps lead by any driver who is not named Michael Schumacher with 235 – Schumacher is also the only racer with more wins (7) in Canada than Hamilton. Of the other online betting favorites for this Sunday, Raikkonen, Vettel, and Ricciardo have also tasted victory in Montreal before. It is worth noting that the Finn won the race while driving for McLaren-Mercedes, while did it as part of the Red Bull-Renault team.

As it turns out, the last time Ferrari won the Grand Prix du Canada was in 2004 with the aforementioned Schumacher. And speaking of German drivers, Rosberg hopes to bounce back following an unlucky turn in Monaco. Well at least he attributes his poor performance to “bad luck.” By the same token, his strong start of the season – winning four consecutive races and scoring 100 points – could be attributed to “good luck.”

Rosberg has also said that he is eager to see what Red Bull can do at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Verily, with its long straights this course is – unlike the Circuit de Monaco – ideal for the sheer velocity that the new engines can provide. Having said that, Montreal will be the place to be in June 12th, and Hamilton will be the man to beat in Formula One.

This race strip is pretty much his backyard – and would be so even if he hadn’t won in Monte Carlo, but he did and that momentum could lead to a Renaissance for the 31 year old racer. Barring any unforeseen event, he’s the auto racing betting favorite to win the Grand Prix du Canada.

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