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NASCAR betting has gained an enormous following of fans over the past few decades and uprooted open-wheeled racing as the top dog in auto racing. But with open-wheeled racing making a comeback in the US and online NASCAR betting revenues somewhat slowed in these tough economic times, it’s a good time to reflect on the relative merits of both racing leagues. Both are fantastic betting opportunities but there is simply no denying that open-wheeled and NASCAR betting are two very different animals.

If you look at the types of car racing, the open wheeled version and NASCAR betting odds you will see to very distinct styles. It’s sort of like the comparison between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, if you will. Ali was nimble and defined by finesse and technique compared to Frazier who was a mauler who beat his opponents into submission with great success.

In the same way open wheeled racing is like Ali and online NASCAR betting is like Frazier. There is very limited contact in open wheeled racing whereas the NASCAR betting action is almost defined by its contact. It’s all but impossible to say which is better. Both are very entertaining and unique, but in terms of popularity there is no denying that NASCAR betting is the king of the hill.

Even as the Indy circuit reunites and enjoys a renewed round of interest among sports fans it still doesn’t compare to online NASCAR betting in terms of fan support. After Indy Car’s self-inflicted buffoonery of the 90’s, it will take some time win back the support of the fans. NASCAR betting on the other hand enjoys a level of support (both in attendance and online NASCAR betting) that few sports know, and that Indy racing hasn’t seen the 1980’s. And even if the NASCAR odds has seen a bit of drop off in its growth, it’s only a national progression in the sport.

Some NASCAR betting pundits argue that the sport is declining in popularity but what is actually happening is that interest in NASCAR betting is simply leveling off after years of astounding growth. The rates of growth that NASCAR betting was enjoying in the 1990s simply aren’t sustainable for more than a decade. And so now NASCAR betting is simply approaching its maximum level of fan support.

With the NASCAR betting season fast approaching and the online NASCAR betting sites working over time to prepare, the upcoming season should be one of the best ever.

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