Sprint Cup NASCAR Betting at SBG Global

NASCAR betting, just as is the case in major league baseball, has a financial disparity and competitive imbalance issue amongst their teams and it affects the NASCAR betting odds each week.

NASCAR betting, just like baseball does, has the high priced teams and the low budget teams.  There are some teams in NASCAR, such as the Rick Hendrick Chevrolets driven by Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon, or the Jack Roush Fords driven by Kurt Busch, Matt Kenseth, Mark Martin, and Carl Edwards, that will be competitive nearly every week and a threat to win the race.

This disparity of teams means that NASCAR betting odds will be affected as the top teams have lower odds.  This is no different than the dilemma faced by baseball sports betting players who are considering the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox for their wagers.  The best teams have the lowest odds in NASCAR betting.

On the opposite extreme in NASCAR betting are teams that are operated on a shoe string budget that would resemble the Kansas City Royals or Tampa Bay Devil Rays.  These teams often don’t even finish the races and are made generous underdogs in NASCAR betting.  It is difficult to win money backing the poor teams in NASCAR betting.  You might have a favorite driver like Kyle Petty but his chances of every winning a race is remote and he is a bad NASCAR betting choice each week.  As you consider the NASCAR betting odds you should know that drivers have their favorite tracks and that fact can also affect the NASCAR betting odds.  You can find out this information if you check out the various sites that have NASCAR betting information and NASCAR race history.

You should also know that NASCAR now has a playoff system and that can affect NASCAR betting late in the season when the Chase for the Cup begins.  The top 12 drivers qualify for the Chase and they are often the only drivers that get much of a look from gamblers.  That fact should be taken into consideration as you look at the final 10 races of the season.  Take a look at the various NASCAR betting options available today and get involved in the NASCAR betting excitement.

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