NASCAR Odds at SBG Global

NASCAR odds are made by a group of oddsmakers that have a great deal of experience setting the NASCAR betting odds.

The NASCAR odds are made by people that know their job very well and they are made with the supposed intent to attract action to each side of a wager. Let’s look at how the NASCAR odds are made.

NASCAR odds making is both an art and a science.  NASCAR betting odds making can be done strictly by the numbers but oftentimes it is not.  The oddsmaker must really develop a feel for how the public will bet and incorporate that feeling into the NASCAR odds.  Perception is very important to how the odds are actually made.  Just because a driver in NASCAR should be favored doesn’t mean he will be.  The perception of a driver is very important in setting the NASCAR odds.

There is no doubt that Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and Dale Earnhardt Jr. are going to have lower NASCAR odds because of their popularity with the public. Many oddsmakers will look at driver stats and public perception when making the NASCAR betting odds. The stats will include how a driver has done in recent races and also how he has done at the particular track in past races.

Sometimes when looking at the NASCAR odds you will see matchups in which the line seems to be off.  That may or may not be the case.  Sometimes the NASCAR odds maker wants a certain driver to get action and makes the NASCAR betting odds accordingly. Very often when the NASCAR odds are made they will get bet from the so-called wise guys first.  Then the odds will settle and other sportsbooks will begin to post their lines. You will also see the odds change as bettors look at practices and qualifying leading up to the race.

Keep in mind when you look at NASCSAR odds that you have two basic options.  You can bet a driver to win the race or you can bet matchups.  Many gamblers like to focus on the matchups since it can be difficult to pick just one winner of the race.  With matchups you only worry about your driver beating the other driver.  That is why matchups are the way many people bet NASCAR races.

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