NASCAR Odds: Stars on the Asphalt at SBG Global

NASCAR odds have seen its number of stars throughout its 60 years in existence. Having started out as a way to evade the police during Prohibition.

 NASCAR odds have come a long way since the 1920’s, and since its official inception as a car racing sport in 1948. NASCAR odds enthusiasts form a loyal fan base behind their favorite drivers, just like in any other sport with their home teams. Drivers like Jeff Gordon, Bill Elliott, “Junior” Johnson, the late LeeRoy Yarbrough, and the late Dale Earnhardt have captivated NASCAR betting  odds fans of all ages and all generations of aficionados that have participated in NASCAR odds.

But why do fans feel so compelled to participate in NASCAR odds? What keeps so many enthusiasts running to their computers to participate in NASCAR betting odds at the beginning of every year? Maybe it’s the stars they worship. Or maybe it’s the crashes and the hardcore action they get to see as NASCAR odds drivers pass within inches of each other fighting for first place. It could also be just the excitement and unpredictability of the sport, as one small mistake, a fraction of a second error, can send a car careening into the wall and possibly take some other cars with it.

Though we all love to see things go “boom,” and sometimes we can’t wait until COPS comes on, or that show comes on with the amazing crashes, NASCAR betting odds fans may sometimes forget that the idols they worship are only human, and tragedy can strike at any moment. During the 2001 Daytona 500, NASCAR odds fans got a taste of tragedy and lost one of their biggest NASCAR odds icons, the late Dale Earnhardt, Sr. when his car smashed at a critical angle into the wall during the last lap.

Despite the few tragedies NASCAR odds have faced, it still remains a sport that attracts fans nationwide. NASCAR odds races remain full-contact events, allowing the world’s best drivers a chance to win the respect of millions. Most NASCAR odds events do see some crashes, and sometimes the victims are the stars. And though very few of the crashes result in fatalities, it’s still a possibility, and NASCAR odds enthusiasts can only hope for the best for their idols.

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