NASCAR odds Fever is Highly Contagious at SBG Global

NASCAR odds fever is spreading like wildfire and the closer it gets to the first real main event, the more outbreaks we can expect to see.

After all, NASCAR odds come many times a year and the potential for NASCAR odds seems out of sight. It seems as though we might actually have a number of very intriguing races in consecutive years considering the wide open field of NASCAR odds contenders.

NASCAR odds were, for so many years, a joke in the betting world but after the introduction of NASCAR to the internet, it has shaped up to be an outstanding sport and in 2009, this game is starting to rebuild its reputation.

NASCAR’s roots come from the early 20th century, during the Prohibition Era. NASCAR betting odds on the Internet obviously did not exist at that point in time. Instead, the early stock car drivers were actually bootleggers evading the police. They modified their cars to escape capture, and in the process developed a love for the speed. This eventually became what we know today as NASCAR odds.

Many people consider NASCAR odds to be a sport for Southerners in the United States, and for the most part, it seems true. Though NASCAR betting odds have spread to other states, the NASCAR odds fan base remains primarily down south and out west. This can be justified, as Prohibition was repealed, bootleggers continued to produce “moonshine”, a southern delight. Now, instead of evading the police, they evade “revenuers” trying to tax their endeavors.

The upcoming NASCAR betting odds begin in February. Nearly any driver could emerge from the heap to NASCAR odds glory. And truth be told, that has been the story of the NASCAR odds over the past half century. Think back to the beginnings of the sport, and how the cars have evolved over the ages. 

If history repeats itself, we should expect some of the top drivers of today to win NASCAR odds. Stars like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Greg Biffle, Jeff Gordon, or Clint Bowyer all have a chance to finish in the top 10, and while it’s still much too early to know exactly which driver might make that run into the NASCAR odds line up and cross that checkered flag first, it sure will be fun watching.

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