NASCAR Odds: Evolution of the Stock Car at SBG Global

NASCAR odds have evolved in a number of ways in its 6 decades of existence. As with any sport, new rules are implemented as time goes on, new safety measures added, and restrictions placed.

One of the first things that comes to a NASCAR betting odds enthusiast’s mind when they think of the evolution of NASCAR odds is the stock car and how it’s changed over time. NASCAR odds weren’t always a 200 mile per hour race to the finish line. Cars were obviously slower back in the starting days of NASCAR odds, and less secure than they are now. The first cars were the type of sedans driven in the streets, mostly Buicks, Cadillacs, Chryslers, Oldsmobiles, and others.

Essentially, the same car you picture when watching a black and white gangster flick. Drivers could modify the engines to get the cars to run faster, but NASCAR odds fans of the day did not see many other modifications, besides the seatbelts, which were ropes and aircraft harnesses.

After some time and some new innovations, NASCAR odds drivers began using newer models, such as the Ford Thunderbird, which would temporarily replace the Galaxy Starliner so many drivers used.

In the 1960’s, as the “superspeedway boom” era rolled around, car chasses changed and became stronger. Cars began to drive faster, and NASCAR odds became more exciting as the speed of the races increased. The inauguration of the Daytona 500 NASCAR odds saw a win by driver Lee Petty, whose average speed was 135 miles per hour. Due to safety reasons, NASCAR implemented an upper speed limit, as cars began to reach 200 miles per hour, which is a very unstable and unsafe speed to drive at.

Drivers in the NASCAR odds eventually began getting sponsors, and these sponsors decorated the cars with their logos. Over time, cars began modernizing, and NASCAR odds changed along with the times. Now with the Internet as a major factor in most sports betting, fans can now participate in NASCAR betting odds, watching the newer cars speed past the checkered flag.

In recent years NASCAR betting odds aficionados have seen numerous changes and additions to the stock cars of old. In 2005 and 2006, Dodge’s cars were modeled after the Dodge Charger, a car that seems more like a battering ram than an actual vehicle. Newly introduced and tested on the track (also from Dodge) is the CoT, or Car of Tomorrow. After NASCAR odds legend Dale Earnhardt’s fatal crash, a 7 year project began to introduce a safer car that would reduce dependence on aerodynamics. Today, NASCAR betting odds should feature less fatal crashes, making today’s cars the most advanced yet.

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