NASCAR Betting on Craftsman Series at SBG Global

NASCAR betting at sportsbooks involves two main options, betting to win the race and betting matchups.

NASCAR betting odds are available on the Nextel Cup Series races, the Nationwide Series races (formerly Busch Series) and the Craftsman Truck Series races. NASCAR betting on a race in terms of the win option is really a futures bet since it is just like betting to win the Super Bowl, World Series, or other major events.  You should also be aware that not all the drivers in a race may be listed, so another NASCAR betting option is on the “field” which includes all other drivers not listed.  The field usually includes drivers that have very little realistic chance of winning the race. 

Betting matchups is the other major NASCAR betting option and we will focus most of our attention on that option as it relates to the Craftsman Series.  Let’s briefly look at the winning the race option at sportsbooks before moving on to NASCAR betting matchups.  With the NASCAR betting to win the race option you are betting on a driver to beat every other driver in the field and win the race.  In NASCAR betting it can be quite a crapshoot unless you go with one of the top drivers to win.  Matchup betting at sportsbooks is a great alternative to simply betting on the race’s winner in NASCAR betting odds.  The NASCAR betting matchups are created by oddsmakers and involve drivers who are all competing against each other to win the race, with the bet specifically looking at how one driver finishes compared to another driver.  Head to head NASCAR betting matchups are based on money lines.  For example, you might have Ron Hornaday matched up against Mike Skinner.  It would look like this in NASCAR betting odds:

Ron Hornaday       -130
Mike Skinner         +110

In this instance if you like Hornaday you are betting $130 to win $100 and if you like Skinner you risk $100 for $110 or the 13/10, 10/11 equivalents.  Matchups are a great way to bet NASCAR where you only have to worry about your driver beating another driver.  Different sportsbooks will often feature different NASCAR betting matchups so shop around for a matchup that really looks good to you.

In addition to matchup and NASCAR betting odds to win the race you also have other options like betting on which manufacturer will win the race, how many cautions there will be, the speed of the race, etc.  If you are a NASCAR betting fan then you definitely want to look at bet the races at sportsbooks around the world.

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