NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 400 NASCAR Betting at SBG Global

NASCAR betting fans are accustomed to shameless self-promotion with all the advertising that is involved with betting NASCAR racing.

The upcoming NASCAR betting event, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 400 will no doubt win the record for the most mentions of ‘NASCAR’ at any betting NASCAR racing event. But the bills have to be paid some how and no matter what they call the event, it’s still great racing.

NASCAR betting has evolved a great deal, especially over the past decade and the revenue generated by the sport now is ridiculous. Plaudits must be given the various marketing departments in NASCAR betting, but does the world really need a NASCAR betting event named after itself? Be that as it may the race, regardless of its sponsor, should be yet another great race in the 2008 betting NASCAR racing series.

Who knows what will happen this year. With the pecking order for the upcoming NASCAR betting challenge sorting itself out, every race in the betting NASCAR racing becomes more and more important. And with the cut off date for the Chase getting closer with every NASCAR betting event the heat has been turned up on both drivers and sponsors to deliver the goods. The drivers do their part by winning NASCAR betting events and the sponsors do their part by identifying drivers that can get into victory lane at betting NASCAR racing events and by getting their name on anything in site -for a price of course.

As fans of NASCAR betting has probably realized by now, more and more of NASCAR betting is becoming commercialized. Everything, from the NASCAR betting events themselves to the bottled water that the drivers drink. And have you looked at the drivers themselves? There’s not a square inch of the drivers suit that isn’t covered with some miniscule name of a sponsor of NASCAR betting. It makes you wonder what the old school drivers of the day might think seeing their precious NASCAR betting sold for a price.

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