NASCAR Betting or Formula One at SBG Global?

NASCAR betting is the most popular motorsport in the United States of America and very likely the entire betting universe.

But outside of the US the most popular global racing sport is Formula One, a sport that rivals online NASCAR betting in terms of popularity. Many racing fans love to bicker amongst themselves as to which is the better motor sport, with NASCAR betting fans vehemently supporting their sport, but the fact of the matter is that it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

NASCAR betting has enjoyed a huge wave of success over the past two decades and is riding high on fan adoration. Formula One has also enjoyed somewhat of a reemergence in recent years as rule changes have mad the sport much more comparative, a development that NASCAR betting can’t claim. In terms of popularity both Formula One and NASCAR betting are highly popular and without a doubt the two most popular such sports in the world.

But the type of fan that likes NASCAR betting is highly unlikely to follow Formula One. And the typical Formula One fans are also much more likely to stay away from the online NASCAR betting. And at first glance both sports may seem similar as they are after all, both auto racing, but aside from that fact NASCAR betting and open racing are two very different things.

Formula One racing represents the best technology, the best cars, the best drivers and the best purses in the auto racing world, something that NASCAR betting fans cannot deny. These drivers race in the top racing machines known to man on challenging courses that test drivers braking, accelerating and steering skills –a far cry from the NASCAR betting scene.

In NASCAR, every driver is in the same boxy, aluminum shell, based on your mother’s grocery getting sedan and even though that sounds a bit boring, the online NASCAR betting is anything but. These somewhat retarded racing cars are the same for every driver and when 40 of these machines are unleashed on a big oval, NASCAR betting mayhem is sure to ensue, and that in a nutshell is the appeal of online NASCAR betting. But that is not to say these drivers are unskilled. For NASCAR betting drivers to maneuver these heaps in and out of traffic, within inches of the wall and often times bumping other cars at 200 miles an hour, is an art form.

Some people prefer black Cadillacs, and some prefer White ones, and that more or less sums up the contrasting style of Formula One and NASCAR betting fans.

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