NASCAR Betting on the 2009 LifeLock 400 at SBG Global

NASCAR betting on the 2009 LifeLock 400 always provides tremendous excitement because it is held near the middle of the season when the rush for points begins to really take hold and the action begins to heat up.

Before NASCAR betting online on this event, NASCAR betting fans will want to look at both the history of the event and the NASCAR betting odds for the current year. By evaluating both of these pieces of information, NASCAR betting enthusiasts will best prepare themselves to place a smart wager on the LifeLock 400 with their favorite online sportsbook.

NASCAR betting on the LifeLock 400, which is held in Michigan, has been popular for many decades, as the race was first run in 1969, albeit under a different sponsorship name. Those bettors who have enjoyed NASCAR betting online on this race in recent years know that some of the top names in the sport have driven away with the trophy recently. For instance, the last three winners are Dale Earnhardt Jr., Carl Edwards, and Kasey Kahne, while Kurt Busch, Jeff Gordon, and Tony Stewart have also won the event in past years. NASCAR betting fans know that by winning the event a driver proves he is comfortable with the track and can win the event again. Therefore, NASCAR betting enthusiasts should not shy away from wagering on past winners, specifically those who have won very recently.

Nevertheless, NASCAR betting online demands more than just simply online betting on past victors, and NASCAR betting on the LifeLock 400 is no exception. NASCAR betting fans also must consider the value that each driver offers based on the established NASCAR betting odds. For instance, the NASCAR betting odds for Jimmie Johnson will not offer a very big payoff, simply because he has been performing so well in 2009. Consequently, rather than NASCAR betting on the most highly favored racers, in this event NASCAR betting enthusiasts may be better off looking for value in the mid-level racers who still have a good chance of winning the event. For instance, Edwards is an option to consider for NASCAR betting online because he won the event just two years ago and the NASCAR betting lines should offer a fairly decent payout if he wins again. Similarly, both Greg Biffle and Ryan Newman have proven capable of winning at this track and should provide fairly decent NASCAR betting odds that NASCAR betting enthusiasts should strongly consider.

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