NASCAR Betting: Lenox Industrial Tools 301 Preview

NASCAR betting in the 2009 season is shaping up to one of the more exciting years in recent bet on NASCAR history.

While all the big names in NASCAR betting are among the leaders in wins and points there is still a feel to this year's action that its a wide open competition and anyone could win it. The Lenox Industrial Tools 301 will be a great opportunity for a driver to grab some points in the NASCAR betting points race and for fans to make a bet on NASCAR.

NASCAR betting fans might be asking themselves why the "301" and not "300" miles as most races in the NASCAR betting end in an even number. Well, in one of the great sports betting marketing schemes the sponsor, Lenox Tools, wanted to prove that they appeal to patrons that go the "extra mile" or some such thing; hence the extra mile in the race and the extra confusion among the people that bet on NASCAR.

Hosted by the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in New London, NH this is one of the few NASCAR betting competitions held in New England. Generally a southern sport, the locale proves just how far bet on NASCAR competition has come in the main stream.

This track is a very interesting track for couple of reasons and should be conducive for some very exciting racing and NASCAR betting. It's a restrictor plate race for one thing, something that infuriates many drivers but makes for highly competitive racing. The other element in play, is the fact that this is a very tight track with steep banking. At just 1.58 miles in length it's one of the shortest tracks in NASCAR betting. This usually means that there will be some very tight racing and a lot of congestion -especially since it's a restrictor plate race.

That signals one thing for NASCAR betting fans: a high propensity for collisions. And for that reason alone this can be a very challenging race for. The likelihood of this race being decided by luck rather than skill is very high. To win here there are two basic approaches for the drivers: be aggressive and try and outrun the field or race cautious and try and avoid a pile up.

Kyle Busch won the NASCAR betting competition here last year and has to be among the favorites again this year, but the truth is, luck will play such a big factor in this race that it's hard for a sportsbook fan to pick anyone as the NASCAR betting favorite.
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