NASCAR Betting 2009 Just Around the Corner at SBG Global

NASCAR betting is just around the corner and the several month lay-off before the 2009 NASCAR schedule gets underway will be over soon enough.

With the crazy 2008 NASCAR betting season just behind us there are plenty of things to look forward in the season ahead. And if the past season was anything to go by, there should be even more excitement in the NASCAR betting season ahead.

NASCAR betting fans were provided this 2008 season with all kinds of on-track entertainment and as always, plenty of off-track drama seemed to find its way to the front page as well. But no matter what you can say about the season that just ended, there wasn’t a dull moment.

And there was also plenty of NASCAR betting history and moments that soon won’t be forgotten no matter what may come to pass in the upcoming 2009 NASCAR schedule. We saw young Kyle Busch explode out of the gates, something he’ll be looking to do again when the 2009 NASCAR schedule gets underway, and establish himself as one of the best drivers in the circuit. We also saw last race with Joe Gibbs and Tony Stewart pairing. NASCAR betting fans will have to get used to seeing Stewart racing for another team –his own- once the 2009 NASCAR schedule gets underway. And that will be a huge transition for the NASCAR betting favorite to make.

But of course the biggest moment of the NASCAR betting season last year was Jimmy Johnson pulling off a feat that has only happened once before in the entire long history of NASCAR betting. When Johnson crossed the finished line in Homestead last year in the final race of the NASCAR betting season he became just the second person, aside from NASCAR betting legend Cale Yarborough to win three straight NASCAR championships. And that was truly a moment that no NASCAR betting fan will ever forget.

There are plenty of other great moments from the past NASCAR betting season to build upon in the upcoming 2009 NASCAR schedule. Will Johnson be able to capture a fourth straight NASCAR betting title? Will Stewart sink or swim with his new team? Will Busch be able to capture his first NASCAR betting title?

There are a million and one questions surrounding the upcoming NASCAR betting season and fans can’t wait for the starter’s flag to drop and see the many interesting story lines play themselves out.

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