NASCAR Auto Racing Betting at SBG Global

The NASCAR auto racing betting season has boiled down to an awfully interesting story line.

The betting auto racing points leader so far in the NASCAR competition is Kyle Busch, who is putting together one of the most impressive auto racing betting seasons in memory. But the man just behind him is the ever popular Dale Earnhardt Jr., the man who took Busch’s job at the conclusion of the auto racing betting last year and this battle should set up a very interesting conclusion to the betting auto racing season in NASCAR.

Earnhardt has looked fast all year and got off to what seemed to be a great auto racing betting season with his new team by winning two events during speed week at Daytona. He flew out of the blocks and looked as though he would lead Hendrick (the most dominant team in auto racing betting the past few seasons) to even greater domination of the NASCAR auto racing betting.  He ran fast in the Daytona 500 as well and looked as though he would start out with a bang in his first real auto racing betting competition with his new team.

But several restarts and a fuel gamble didn’t pay off for Jr. and after that showing he fell into a bit of a slump in his auto racing betting world. He was still running fast but mechanical problems and wrecks prevented him from putting it all together and climbing to the top of the auto racing betting.

Fortunately for his legion of betting auto racing fans, he’s turned things around and now sits in second place in the auto racing betting standings for the first time all season. He’s been as good as anyone in the NASCAR auto betting racing (with the exception of betting auto racing leader Busch) and there’s little doubt he deserves the points he’s earned.

If anyone is to catch Busch this year and prevent him from walking away with the NASCAR auto betting racing crown, it’s Junior. Busch has amassed a sizeable lead with just several races left before the auto racing betting Chase begins. But anything can happen in the Chase and if Junior can keep him from adding any ground between them, he’s got the best chance of any driver in auto racing betting of derailing Busch’s fantastic season.

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