Daytona 500 Betting Could Suffer in 2009 at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Auto Racing

Daytona 500 betting once seemed like an unconquerable sporting hulk that could not be stopped.

But sadly there are many negative reports circulating among the sporting world predicting that the bet on Daytona 500 climate will be much different affair this year amidst the great global economic down turn. And that may well come to pass but no matter how much revenue or fans interest is impacted in the 2009 Daytona 500 betting, you can be sure the action in the upcoming Daytona 500 betting event will be as fantastic as it’s always been.

Daytona 500 betting and NASCAR have been the subject of many hypothetical surveys and forecasts from economic talking heads. Of all the sports that exist in the wide world most sports economists believe that NASCAR and especially Daytona 500 betting will be severely impacted by the negative economic climate. And it’s difficult to argue that there won’t be less people making a bet on Daytona 500 events in the coming years. What, with the loss of millions of jobs over the past few quarters and less disposable income than in year’s past it only makes sense that the Daytona 500 betting will suffer, the same as any other major sport. The only other difference, as the economists point out is the fact that the fans that bet on Daytona 500 races are typically middle class folk which are expected to feel the pinch of the downturn the strongest.

Working class, blue collar fans have been the backbone of NASCAR and Daytona 500 betting for years and that’s not going to change any time soon. And more than likely these legions of diehard Daytona 500 betting fans are going to surprise the pundits. When the starting flag drops on the 2009 Daytona 500 betting event, there will more likely than not be a lot more people placing a bet on Daytona action than the so-called experts have predicted.

There is simply something about the Daytona 500 betting that keeps fans coming back year after year after year. It’s the tremendous speed at which the dozens of stock cars fly around track, coming within inches of each other and the walls on the big banked curves of the Daytona 500 betting International Speedway. It’s the camaraderie of the event that’s created among fellow Daytona 500 betting fans all united in one common sporting bond.

It’s a little bit of all of the above and so much more that makes the Daytona 500 betting so special and it’s not something that people will give up quite so easily.

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