More Challenging on Auto Racing Betting at SBG Global

Auto racing betting fans have been having the same ongoing discussion for years.

And at times this debate can get quite spirited depending upon which group of motor racing betting fans you’re talking to. At the heart of the matter is point of divergence among the world’s auto racing betting fans as to which type of motor racing betting is more challenging for drivers: Formula 1 or NASCAR? Auto racing betting fans have recently upped the decibels in this discussion thanks to the recent cross-over of several Formula 1 drivers to NASCAR.

For year Formula 1 auto racing betting fans have claimed that F-1 is the much more challenging of the of the types of racing while NASCAR auto racing betting fans have claimed the exact opposite. But until now the argument had been purely hypothetical in nature as there had never been any cross-over between the two immensely popular forms of motor racing betting. But now there has been and many auto racing fans feel that the great motor racing betting debate has finally been settled.

Former Formula One driving champ Jacques Villenueve and former F-1 star Juan Pablo Montoya both have switched from F-1 to NASCAR in the past two seasons. And both have had very little success. This has provided ammunition for the auto racing betting fans that have long claimed that NASCAR drivers are more talented than F-1 drivers. But the auto racing betting conundrum is not so simple to solve. Montoya was named rookie of the year in his first season as a member of NASCAR, an impressive feat by most auto racing betting standards, but he did not establish himself as a top driver in the sport. Villenueve on the other hand is having a terrible time in his limited endeavor in the new type of auto racing betting.

Many auto racing betting fans feel that in time Montoya could become NASCAR’s next great motor racing betting star but in the mean time the sports are simply too different. It will certainly take time for the F-1 drivers to adjust to the new auto racing betting format, but until there is an opposite cross-over (NASCAR auto racing betting drivers going to F-1) the motor racing betting community will never know which type of racing is more challenging.

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