Mid-Ohio sports car course Indy Car Betting at SBG Global

Mid-Ohio is middle-America and a fertile ground for Indy car betting enthusiasts.

Nothing signifies the blue collar attitude of this part of the world then the distinctly American sporting pastime of Indy car betting and people here love to bet on Indy car events. The favorite local event for this region of course is the Honda 200 which is held at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on July 20 and it should provide plenty of Indy car betting thrills.

Ohio is the quintessential Indy car betting state as it’s just a stones toss away from Indiana (the cradle of Indy car betting and its namesake) and full of bet on Indy car enthusiasts. The Mid-Ohio Sports Car course, despite its funny name is a very versatile and exciting track that has always been a favorite among the Indy car betting crowd. Neither a road course nor an oval this close circuit is as close to F1 racing as the Indy car betting league gets. In fact, for the CART drivers that just rejoined the Indy car betting racing at the start of the season this track should play to their bet on Indy car strengths.

When the Indy car betting world was divided into warring factions in the recent past CART kept this venue on its Indy car betting calendar until 2003 while the IRL for the most part, did not. The IRL, however, did put this Indy car betting event back on the schedule after years of bypassing it.

The closed circuit racing is something new for many of the IRL drivers and the constant braking and down shifting could cause problems for them in the Indy car betting competition. Many of the IRL Indy car betting drivers ran here last year and that should help make a cleaner race, but the boys from CART are seen by many in the Indy Car betting world to have the upper hand in this type of racing.

Scott Dixon won here last Indy car betting season in a field of IRL drivers and it will be interesting to see how fares against a mixed field of both IRL and CART drivers.

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