Many Ways to Bet Auto Racing Betting Odds

Many Ways to Bet Auto Racing Betting Odds

October 23rd, 2019 Auto Racing, Offshore Bookmaker

At the beginning of any conversation about auto racing is the great variety of ways you can play. First, there are three main divisions in big-time car racing. Formula One, Indy Car and NASCAR each have different characteristics. Yet each has exciting prospects for gamblers. You can play the Auto Racing betting odds in a multitude of ways. Accordingly, you can bet odds for the winner, matchups of drivers and teams, futures, props and more. In the same way as other sports, you can find handicapping advantages. In particular, with certain drivers succeed or fail at different tracks.

Formula One

Namely Formula One is a brand of glamor, sophistication, and the ultimate in hi-tech racing. Nothing epitomizes Formula One more than the Monaco Grand Prix each May. Run in one of the wealthiest cities in the world fans include countless celebrities. The setting of the Monaco Grand Prix is on the city streets and makes for breathtaking beauty. If someone wanted to show an alien what F1 is they would take them to Monaco.

By contrast to NASCAR, the racing of Formula One itself is often boring. Passing is rare and the contests often resemble a pretty parade of sophisticated cars. As a result of this style, the offshore bookmaker chalk is often where most gamblers flock. And the biggest favorite of all is a five-time champion, Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton was in first place position to win his third straight title in 2019


Counter to the lack of passing in Formula One and its fancy fans is NASCAR. Specifically, this is the everyman form of racing with powerful but less sophisticated stock cars. Most important of all NASCAR is much harder to predict with the Auto Racing Betting Odds. Commencing with several top drivers and teams and the rubbin’ is a racing-style of its events is a challenging handicap. To be exact most everyone knows that Hamilton will win most F1 races. On NASCAR there are no sure things.

Namely, Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, Martin Truex Jr, Joey Logano, Brad Keselowski, and Denny Hamlin have emerged as the top NASCAR drivers. The fact that NASCAR offers greater parity and unpredictability is a major draw. Supplementing that is the beating and banging of cars that make for hot tempers and action. Formula One drivers that switch to NASCAR often struggle to adapt. It resembles a golf or tennis player taking up football. More emphatically NASCAR is the ultimate in physical racing.


While not as popular as NASCAR the Indy Car series has one crown jewel that tops any other form of racing. Each Memorial Day in May in the United States -+the Indianapolis 500 is run. “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” draws fans, TV viewers, and gamblers that often know nothing about the sport. However, everyone knows what the Indy 500 is. And that is the one thing that has kept Indy Car going through a couple of generations of very hard times.

Although Indy Car is not as physical as NASCAR it is also very competitive with lighting quick cars. In the same way, as America’s stock car series does Indy Car has unpredictable and exciting racing. Indy Car has enjoyed a recent resurgence in the United States that has people hoping it will re-emerge in the minds of more fans and gamblers.

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