Longshots in NASCAR Betting

NASCAR betting could prove profitable on longshots in 2010 if Jimmie Johnson doesn’t dominate the sport.

With Johnson getting much of the attention from those betting NASCAR racing, the odds on other drivers continue to go up.

NASCAR betting has seen Johnson win four straight Sprint Cup titles.  He will be trying to win a fifth one this year and NASCAR betting has him as about a 5-2 favorite.  Betting against Johnson is definitely not easy to do but if he doesn’t win, longshots can really pay well when betting NASCAR racing. What about looking at some drivers that really have a legitimate chance to win the title in 2010?  The other three favorites in NASCAR betting are likely to be Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin.  Many expect that Kyle Busch will bounce back from a subpar season and do well in NASCAR betting. That remains to be seen.  A safer play might be Jeff Gordon who is overdue to win in NASCAR betting.

Let’s say you want to go with double-digit odds in NASCAR betting.  You could take a shot with Denny Hamlin or Carl Edwards. Both have the ability to win races and win the Championship. Hamlin really looked good at the end of last season and could be a real contender in NASCAR betting all year. The most popular driver in NASCAR betting is still Dale Earnhardt Jr. He gets a lot of attention from those betting NASCAR racing even though he hasn’t done much lately.  His NASCAR odds are likely to be 30-1 or more to win the Championship.

The NASCAR betting season begins with the Daytona 500 in early February.  It is a wide open wreck fest that anyone can win. Kyle Busch is the lukewarm favorite.  The Daytona 500 is one of the few races where a huge longshot really has a chance. Anyone can win this race.   Jamie McMurray won at Talladega as a huge longshot and Brad Kesellowski won as well in NASCAR betting at Talladega. You will be able to get some great longshots as you are betting NASCAR racing for the Daytona 500. Someone like Ryan Newman may be 20-1 or more and he has a real chance to win the race.  If you are going to bet NASCAR in 2010 then you may want to take a shot with some longshots beginning with the Daytona 500 on Sunday, February 14th.

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