2020 Formula One Championship Odds

Lewis Hamilton on Cusp of Formula One Auto Racing Betting History

January 15th, 2020 Auto Racing, Sports Betting

Commencing with his sixth Formula One Drivers Championship is Lewis Hamilton near immortality. Michael Schumacher’s record of seven titles is now within reach. And there is no reason to believe that Hamilton is slowing down any time soon. Hamilton has posted three consecutive Auto Racing betting titles in Formula One and has won five of the last six championships. As a result, Hamilton is a prohibitive favorite to win the title again for 2020. By contrast, the rest of the field pales in comparison. Nobody can match Hamilton’s record of dominance.

2020 Formula One Championship Odds

At the beginning of the season, Lewis Hamilton opened as -155 sports betting Favorite to win the 2020 F1 title. Following were Charles Leclerc +350, Max Verstappen +450, Valtteri Bottas +500, and Sebastian Vettel +600. Longer shots included Alexander Albon +10000, Carlos Sainz Jr. +50000, Daniel Ricciardo +100000, Lando Norris +100000, and Sergio Perez +100000.

Lewis Hamilton

Above all Lewis Hamilton is Formula One’s biggest brand and star. Hamilton has 74 career wins with 151 podiums and 3431 career points. Since his first win at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix Hamilton has emerged as a worldwide marquee name. From this point, Hamilton is considered to be the most complete and versatile drivers in the sport. Consistent with that is his uncanny ability to be at his best when the pressure is highest. Hamilton is often most comfortable when in positions that most drivers could not begin to handle. Schumacher’s record is now at stake.

Overcoming Obstacles

Hamilton comes from very modest circumstances. Specifically, he once said he was from the slums and had to apologize for saying so. As the first and only black driver in Formula One, he has encountered his share of hate and fan abuse. Consequently, Hamilton’s Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has remarked about the scars his driver carries from his experience. Even so, Hamilton is the dominant figure for Auto Racing Betting. Highlighting his 2019 season was a four-race winning streak that included taking the checkers at Monaco. The Monaco race is the most famous and glamorous on the circuit.

Monaco Grand Prix

On May 24, 2020, the Monaco Grand Prix will be run on the Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is one of the most affluent specs on the globe and the race will draw the world’s richest people. It follows that the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most important races in all of auto racing. Monaco is so prestigious that many movies have been shot on location there. James Garner starred in “Grand Prix” which opened with iconic scenes from Monte Carlo. In brief, Hamilton has three wins on the demanding circuit.

2020 Formula One Schedule Highlights

To be exact the 2020 Formula One season will open on March 15 with the Australian Grand Prix. The season runs through November 29 where it concludes with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The United States Grand Prix from Austin, Texas will run on October 25. Additionally, the French Grand Prix is on June 28. The British Grand Prix will be run on July 19. And the Austrian Grand Prix is set for July 5. In particular, the British Grand Prix looms large with Hamilton driving in front of his countrymen.

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