Lagging so far behind in the Betting NASCAR at SBG Global

Betting NASCAR fans and pundits faced many queries as the 2008 NASCAR online betting season began.

However, one thing was certain: Hendrick Motorsport was going to dominate the betting NASCAR field; of that even the betting NASCAR novices were certain. However, halfway through the season Hendrick has done everything but dominate the NASCAR online betting and, in fact, have struggled just to remain relevant in the Chase discussion.

Betting NASCAR odds makers are eating crow through the first half of the 2008 season and Hendrick has only tasted victory lane once in the NASCAR online betting season. Actually as the season progresses the Hendrick team has made progress and for the first time it’s top three drivers are all in the top ten, despite only owning one NASCAR betting win among them (Jimmie Johnson has won a single race). And as the season continues the team is simply too talented not to rack up a few more betting NASCAR wins. But without a doubt the poor performance of the team was the biggest surprise of the betting NASCAR season.

Despite all the negative publicity the team is actually on pretty solid footing with Junior currently in third in the betting NASCAR points and defending champ Johnson within striking distance in fifth spot. Both of these drivers will likely win a betting NASCAR race or two in the second half and barring some crazy act of God qualify in the top five for the NASCAR online betting chase.

Jeff Gordon has been the most inconsistent of the three but with a few poles in the past weeks under his belt his confidence and performance in the betting NASCAR events has increased. He has now entered the top ten in the betting NASCAR point standings and is simply too talented and too seasoned of a driver to fall out of the Chase. Good drivers distinguish themselves in the NASCAR betting by making adjustments and Gordon, to be sure, is a very good driver.

With plenty of driving still left in the season you be sure that Hendrick will challenge for the betting NASCAR owners title. Still, that doesn’t take away the shock from such a ragged performance the first half of this betting NASCAR season.

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