Kyle Busch Signs Long-Term Extension NASCAR Betting

NASCAR betting is oftentimes very popular on Kyle Busch as he has low odds on a weekly basis.

Busch is part of Joe Gibbs Racing and will be for the foreseeable future as he signed a long-term contract extension.  Kyle Busch was excellent for those that bet on NASCAR in 2008 but he dropped off a lot in 2009.

NASCAR betting has Kyle Busch as one of the favorites in the first race of the 2010 season, the Daytona 500.  It is a key year for Kyle Busch in 2010 as he is expected to bounce back big.  Those that bet on NASCAR know that he didn’t even make the Chase for the Sprint Cup last year. That simply is unacceptable but Gibbs didn’t want any distractions this year so he locked up Busch to a long-term deal.

Details of the deal were not released although it could easily be for five years or more.  "Multi-years," Busch said. "It means a secure future. Joe [Gibbs] and J.D. were very receptive to my ideas. I was receptive to their ideas on how to further along our relationship and our commitment to each other. To do that was to get the deal done to show our sponsors we’re committed to each other."

Joe Gibbs owns the team and he did not want to be dealing with any negotiations this season. "The driver willing to sign over with you and the team willing to sign on and the sponsors excited about it, that says a lot," he said. "That means everybody is on the same page. We’re thinking let’s be the best race team we can be."

Kyle Busch has had a lot of success in NASCAR betting in his short career. He has had more success on the Nationwide Series with 30 NASCAR betting wins but with 16 Cup wins, he is a contender on a weekly basis. He now owns his own Truck team as well and he has 16 NASCAR betting wins in that series.

NASCAR betting for 2010 begins with the Daytona 500 in early February. Kyle Busch is one of the popular choices for those that bet on NASCAR.  He is actually favored along with Tony Stewart at NASCAR betting odds of about 7-1.  Those that bet on NASCAR know that it will be interesting to watch Kyle Busch and see if he rebounds with a big year in 2010.

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