Supposedly one of the seven deadly sins is greed but apparently when it comes to NASCAR betting Jimmie Johnson has no calms about suspending morality.

The four-time defending bet on NASCAR racing champ seems to only greedier the more driving championships he wins and four doesn’t seem to be enough for this guy.

So far in 2010 he’s picked up where he left off in the 2009 NASCAR betting season and if you’ve bet on NASCAR racing action this season you’ve seen Johnson continue to dominate the field.  Never in the history of NASCAR betting has there been a driver that has been so consistent and so dominant in a four span as Johnson has been.

Sure Dale Sr.’s record 7 NASCAR betting driving titles is almost twice as many as the four that Johnson’s won. And in terms of longevity Johnson doesn’t even come close to approaching the win totals and the number of years behind the wheel as Richard Petty registered.  But in terms of simply going out there and winning races, winning points and snagging NASCAR betting titles no one in the history of NASCAR odds has ever come close to winning 4 NASCAR betting driving in a row.

And that’s exactly what Johnson has done.  But anyone that has bet on NASCAR this season knows he’s well on his way to a fifth title as he leads the Sprint Cup standings by 108 points over his closest competitor so far this season. 

In eight NASCAR betting event starts so far this season he has 3 checkered flags, 5 top five finishes and 6 top ten finishes.  And as to his consistency, out of those eight starts he’s only failed to finish once.  And that’s a reflection on his crew as much as it his driving and by most accounts he’s got the best crew in the sport which makes the likelihood of him winning a fifth straight NASCAR wagering title even greater.

Some stock car betting fans love him and others hate him, but no what your personal feelings towards Johnson are, you’d have to be a lunatic to bet on NASCAR opponents beating him out of a fifth straight Championship –there simply isn’t anyone in his class right now on the track.

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