Is Lewis Hamilton ready for F1 betting at SBG Global

F1 betting has been full of top stars throughout the years. The original F1 betting star was Juan Manuel Fangio who won four titles in a row in late fifties and was nearly unbeatable.

And then in more recent times Michael Schumacher emerged as the greatest F1 betting driver ever with seven total titles. And now young Brit Lewis Hamilton seems poised to join this elite F1 betting company but many skeptics still have their doubts.

F1 betting has seen many great drivers in its day including Jackie Stewart, Ayrton Senna, Mario Andretti and many others, but none of them, in the history of F1 betting has gotten off to such a fantastic start in their career as Hamilton. What Hamilton did last year as rookie was simply unprecedented in the history of F1 betting.

He had nine straight podium finishes starting from his debut race, shattering the old Formula 1 betting record of two, and putting together one of the most impressive strings of finishes in F1 betting history. Unfortunately he had trouble getting F1 betting wins which ultimately cost him the F1 betting title last year after leading the point standings virtually all season long.

This year he will seek to repeat his F1 betting magic on the podium but hopefully add some wins into the mix as well. The pits at McLaren will be a much different scene for Hamilton as well since former teammate and two-time F1 betting champ Fernando Alonso has left the team. That means that Hamilton will be the undisputed top driver on the team and will take an F1 backseat to no one. Last year Hamilton was unhappy with what he thought was secondary role, especially at the F1 betting event in Monaco.

Hamilton no doubt has the talent and the car to win the F1 betting title this season and is will be interesting to see if he actually does. Despite all the best preparation and parts so much of winning an F1 betting race comes down to luck and timing. Last year’s auto racing betting champ Kimi Raikonnen certainly had the timing and luck when he needed it winning the F1 betting title on the last day of the season.

Hamilton didn’t have it and that’s why he lost the F1 driving title. With a bit better luck this season he could easily be holding auto racing betting’s most coveted trophy at season end.

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