Indy Car Racing

Indy car racing is known as open wheel auto racing in the United States.

Auto racing betting on the Indy car racing series trails both NASCAR and Formula One in popularity but there are some betting choices, especially on the Indianapolis 500. Indy car racing for most gamblers involves only one race and that is the Indy 500.  Indy car racing has steadily gone downhill in the past couple of decades beginning with the split with CART and now the defection of top drivers to NASCAR. 

There used to be a time in Indy car racing where gamblers could name the top drivers without giving it a second thought.  That is no longer the case.  Some auto racing betting gamblers can name Danica Patrick simply because she is female.  Auto racing betting gamblers rarely bet Patrick though because she doesn’t win.  Indy car racing continues to drop farther behind the other two series with drivers like Sam Hornish Jr. and Dario Franchitti moving to NASCAR.

Indy car racing for gamblers involves a shorter season than the other two series.  The good news for gamblers that look at Indy car racing is that the races are televised on ABC, ESPN and ESPN 2.  The two main Indy car racing betting options are odds to win each race and the individual matchups which pit driver versus driver on the sportsbook betting board.  There is no doubt that the premier race for the Indy racing league is the Indianapolis 500.  It is the main race that gamblers look at and also the one that has the most betting options attached to it.

Indy car racing for most gamblers is popular only in the United States since the races are almost exclusively held in the U.S.  That does not mean that gamblers in other countries don’t bet the races, but Formula One and NASCAR are more popular than Indy car racing.  Gamblers that look at auto racing betting usually look at only the top drivers.  That will be more difficult in the future, however, as more and more of them are migrating to NASCAR.  That could give inferior drivers like Danica Patrick a better chance to win a race since the competition is watered down.

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