Indy Car Betting on Watkins Glen International at SBG Global

Indy car betting is full of history and tradition but when it comes to highly recognized Indy car betting events, the race at Watkins Glen International is always near the top of the list.

Now called the Camping World Watkins Glen International Grand Prix for the 2008 edition, this Indy car betting event is a classic even though it’s only been run six times over the past 30 years. And when you talk about any Indy car betting event at Watkins Glen International, the star of the show is always the track.

Indy car betting fans from many years back will recall a great many major events being held at Watkins Glen International. The track at Watkins Glen International is one of the great racing treasures not just in Indy car betting but in any type of racing there is. After a long run of ovals and slight variations the Indy car betting event at Watkins Glen International represents a nice break and a change of pace for the Indy car betting fans and drivers.

What makes the Indy car betting track so interesting at Watkins Glen International track is its unique layout. As the name suggests, it is a road course and the racing is more reminiscent of a Grand Prix than an Indy car betting event. But variety is the spice of life and for Indy car betting fans this is one spicy event!

The track is 3.4 miles in length and full of twists and turns and elevation changes, something that many Indy car betting drivers aren’t accustomed to. Any Indy car betting driver with over seas open wheel racing experience, especially in Europe, has a distinct advantage at this Indy car betting event. The track is reminiscent of European track designs and in this event it’s not all about speed, but also breaking and cornering -skills not tested as much in most Indy car betting events.

Last year Scott Dixon destroyed the field and handily won the Indy car betting event. It was his third consecutive win here and he will most definitely be the odds on favorite to win the Indy car betting event again this year.

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