Honda Grand Prix of St. on Indy Car Betting at SBG Global

Indy car betting fans have a large menu of great races to choose from. But for many Indy car betting odds fans the most desirable Indy car wagering events are the grand prix events that take place on the city streets. And more many Indy car gambling fans there is simply no street event that can top the Honda Grand Prix which is held in the streets of St Petersburg, FL.

Indy car wagering has evolved from purely an oval based sport to one that now encompasses all kinds of tracks from closed circuit tracks, ovals and even street grand prix. The Honda Grand Prix has come to exemplify all the great traits of Indy car wagering and has quickly become one of the marquee events on the Indy Car betting calendar. For auto racing betting fans you simply can’t top the natural beauty of the physical setting combined with the demanding street course through St. Pete and it’s that combination which keep Indy car wagering fans coming back for more.

The course itself makes for great racing and Indy car gaming as it is set up to be very fast. With four major straight aways drivers can be build up huge heads of steam before negotiating the twist of corners. The Indy betting course has no real hair pin corners to speak of although there are two opposite 90 degree turns coming off one of the shorter straight stretches that can certainly make things interesting for the Indy Car gaming drivers. There is also tight pair of rounded turns that allow for difficult passing and the Indy car wagering drivers to retain speed before hitting one of the straights.

But many auto racing fans are drawn to event for the scenery and not just the Indy car wagering. With plenty of water frontage as the course outlines the downtown area, Indy car wagering fans rarely experience such breathtaking vistas. And with the sparkling glass of the downtown in the background it makes for a perfect Indy car wagering event. The gaudy collections of yachts parked in the marina also are add to the identity and make this race as close to Monaco as Indy car betting can get. Alex Loyd the British race ace has had his way here during the past two Indy car wagering seasons winning both events handily.

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