Indy Car Betting or NASCAR Betting? at SBG Global

There was once a time when Indy car betting far outstripped all other types of auto racing betting in terms of popularity.

Indy car betting has suffered a huge decline in popularity of late. However, with the rise of rival auto racing betting leagues like NASCAR and others, Indy car betting has fallen from its sporting pedestal. Indy car shot itself in the foot when it broke into two leagues rather than working out its internal differences.

As a result, neither new league was completely adequate and neither was able to win over Indy car betting fans completely. At about that same time NASCAR started going full guns and marketing its sport like crazy. It was soon able to easy fill the void created by the splintering of Indy car betting and then some.

While Indy car rival leagues were busy carrying out their petty spats, NASCAR was busy picking up Indy car betting fans and becoming one of the great auto racing betting successes in recent history. Indy car betting is now trying to regroup and has announced reconciliation between the rival leagues but, many auto racing betting analysts are wondering if it isn’t too late?

The problem for Indy car betting is that it puts on basically the same show as NASCAR but not as well. Take for example the basic premise of Indy car betting and NASACAR. Both feature mostly oval circuits, or there about and high speed racing at close quarters. And even though the Indy car betting races are conducted at slightly higher speeds it matters little. NASCAR races simply hold more fascination for auto racing betting fans as the potential for danger and gruesome wrecks is much more constant.

In stock car racing rubbing and bumping is a part of racing. Such antics in open-wheeled racing would cause complete catastrophe and is verboten. As such, Indy Car fans have been defecting to NASCAR racing simply for the breathtaking collisions. The mass defections of Indy car betting fans has slowed slightly in the past year or two due to better marketing of races and emerging Indy car betting stars like Sebastian Bourdain. But if Indy car betting wants to win back its many lost fans it must make this new merger work or risk being steam-rolled by NASCAR.

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