Indianapolis 500 Betting fast approaching at SBG Global

Indianapolis 500 betting is always the highlight of the Indy car series and with the 2008 edition of the Indy 500 just around the corner racing fans everywhere are eager with anticipation.

Indy car betting has gotten off to a great start this season with the re-unification of the rival leagues and this could be one of the best Indianapolis 500 betting events in recent memory. If anything, it will be the most competitive Indianapolis 500 experience in over a decade since before the split.

Indianapolis 500 betting fans have been eagerly awaiting the Indy 500 this year as all the top Indy car drivers will all be featured in the race for the first time since 1994. In that year, most Indianapolis 500 betting fans are surely aware that IRL and Champ Car split up leaving the top drivers in the world to be divided among the rival leagues. This year, that dispute has finally been resolved and all the top drivers will be there together battling for the top prize in Indy car betting.

Indianapolis 500 betting has been missing something over the past 14 years and this year’s Indy car betting event will be huge. The field will be larger than in past years and the talent pool in this year’s Indianapolis 500 betting event will as strong as it’s been in decades. We’ve already seen the racing stepped up a notch in the Indy car betting events so far in the young season and there is every reason to believe that this high level of competition will continue right on through to the Indianapolis 500 betting as well.

So if you’ve been turned off by the lack of competition in Indianapolis 500 betting over the past few years than this is chance for you to come back to Indy car betting and experience what promises to be one of the best Indianapolis 500 betting events in decades. Will all the new faces and young talent slated to compete in the Indianapolis 500 betting this season there is almost no way that you’ll be disappointed in your decision.

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