Indy Car Betting is an American classic at SBG Global

Indy car betting has a long and distinct history in the landscape of American auto racing betting.

There are plenty of sports to choose from in the mosaic of sports in the U.S. but Indy car betting is one that seems to stand apart from the rest. Perhaps it’s American’s love of sport and the love of sports that seems to blend seamlessly in Indy car betting, but whatever it is, it’s stuck.

Indy car betting used to be the only game in town when it came to auto racing betting in the U.S. Formula one has always been a fringe sport in the US but Indy Car betting has always held the top spot in terms of open wheeled auto racing betting. In the 1960s, 70s and 80s there was imply no more popular racing sport than Indy car betting on in the U.S. sporting scene. But ask any fan of Indy car betting today and those days are long gone.

Indy car racing has taken a back seat to other forms of auto racing over the past decade and since the mid 1990’s Indy racing betting has been steadily declining in popularity. And perhaps the most painful thing about the decline of Indy racing betting is that the sport has no one to blame but itself. Due to a nasty internal feud the main Indy car racing league splintered into two racing leagues in the 1990s. Neither had much success and as a result Indy car betting has been losing popularity ever since.

Formula One has now re-entered the picture and is arguably more popular with sports fans than Indy car betting. With improved telecast coverage many more Indy car betting fans now watch F1 races and have opted for this type of open wheel racing rather than Indy car betting.

And the once dominant form of auto racing betting has been dominated by NASCAR racing in recent years. Many old-time Indy car betting fans never thought they’d see the day that stock car racing overtook the sport but it has far surpassed Indy car betting in terms of popularity.

However, the two major Indy car betting leagues have reached a tentative deal to combine in the coming season and that should help propel Indy car betting back to the top of the auto racing world.